Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Sarah's Wedding!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

To study... or to Blog... that is the question...


So I am absolutely BRUTAL at studying... I can't find the will to do until usually the day before, and usually by then it's to late to cover all the material. I always find it harder to study in the winter semester... all I want to do is fun Christmas stuff... Last night was my roommate Christmas... (I lost the battery to my camera, but i'll get the photo's from lisa and put them on here later) SO we started off by going to see SANTA!!!! and got a roommate Pic with a british Santa.. then we picked up our chinese food and had a candle lit dinner just the 4 of us! It was honestly such a good night, just what I needed!

After Dinner we went around and talked about our high's and Lows of the year annnd we all agreed the Bed Bug Fiasco was a HUGE low. Then we made our predictions for 2010. Which i think was more just an opportunity for us to talk about what's going on in our lives, because we (well at least I) haven't had much time to fill them in on anything.

Then the Present Exchange!!! It was so Fun! I had Lisa, and I got here some zebra slippers to match her snuggie, so leopard tights, as well as some driving gloves (note- we realize we love animal print, and that we are becoming the cougars of YSA since we're all getting so old) Lisa had Betsey, and got her a Leopard print Snuggie (see note above) Betsey had Katie, and made her this awesome journal, and got her an emo touque. annnd that means Katie had me, and got me MITTENS ON A STRING!!!! I was so happy, i've seriously wanted mittens on a string for SO long!

After Gift exchange we cleaned up, changed into our pj's and played Love Cards. (Love cards on it's own deserves a post so I won't go into it) BUT it was a pretty fun time!

Basically I really do love my roommates, and I really do consider them like sisters to me. 

Anyway I really do want to Post lots of pictures soon!! I just need a Charger..... and i'll go and steal pics from Lisa and Cam!

.... Roommate Christmas... Success

Friday, October 30, 2009


Ok so I don't know what it but EVERYTHING has been bothering me lately. Maybe it's from the stress of school, or me not really knowing what i'm doing in my life. But I find myself in situations where other people just really ANNOY me.
so warning this is just me venting at the very moment because something small just happened that isn't the biggest deal in the world. But when that small thing keeps happening over and over and over again, and then person doing it to you is completely oblivious to it... or even worse, thinks their actions are totally justifiable. It just get irritating. 
I'm taking a conflict resolution class right now, that i find very interesting by the way. AND it talks a lot about we find things irritating and say it's the person, when in fact it's not the person, it's their behavior, and behaviors are learnt and can be changed depending on the environment and circumstances. 
But seriously in this case it's definitely the PERSON, and if it's not the person, then it's every behavior about them that irritates me.
so I'll admit that I do need to calm down a bit (this is why i'm writing this post so that when i see that person I don't freak out at them) but the only thing i want to do it call them out on everything they've done.
I'm trying to make this super general because it is a public blog. buuut I don't think i can really take anymore of this. I know that you have to extra patient with people especially when you live in a house with 4 other girls. There are ALWAYS people coming over, which is great, keeps life fun right? But I just can't handle when people don't respect things that are mine. Sure come over and hang out with my roommates, But know when you go over to other peoples houses you are guest there!!! don't act like you own the place, DON"T think everything is there for your benefit, it seriously drives me crazy when people feel entitled to things that aren't theirs. ESPECIALLY when it's mine!!!!
SO please when you come over to my house respect my things, don't take things without asking... and then I don't have to be the crazy roommates that locks everything up for fear that people will take it.
Ok i think i'm almost calmed down... although this did also get me a lil more riled up.... oh boy.... Good thing my Parents are coming into town this weekend and I plan on spending little to no time with anyone else!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where did September go???

Ok this month went by WAY to fast! it seems like those midterms and assignments that I thought were forever away are actually here!!

Oh September 2009, what great memories you gave me, Starting with the move up to edmonton which went very smoothly and all the fun welcome back activities. it always sucks buying textbooks and I thought I could get away with not getting them this semester... turns out I was wrong, and have bought them all... but for sure the most memorable experience from September 2009 was..... bed bugs...

So I share a room up in edmonton with another girl (who I absolutely love by the way) and for the first week she slept on the couch in the main room because our room was still so hot, but then it started cooling down and she still wouldn't sleep in her bed, she then started talking about how itchy she was all the time... and long story short, the bed a mere 10 feet away from mine had bed bugs.... how they got there we're still unsure, she had recently (not that recent though) travelled to south america where she stayed in some sketchy hostels that had bed bugs and we think they may have come back that way.... but either way we had to deal with calling of the exterminators... I've never had to deal with bed bugs before and didn't know that it was such an extensive procedure to get rid of them. So we had to take our entire house apart to get ready for the exterminators. The worst part of it all was that we had to take all of our clothes and put them into garbage bags and then wash them all. I live in a house with 5 girls, we have ALOT of clothes... and the worst part of it all was that we had to get exterminated twice, so after taking our house apart, washing all our clothes, putting our house back together, waiting two weeks and then doing it all again!!! needless to say there were definitely tears.
BUT it's all over, we are now bed bug free and looking forward to October! I'm going to try and be better at this blogging thing that month!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The City of Champions

Can I just say that I love living in Edmonton.. (which all growing up in Calgary I called Deadmonton...) anyway it really is just the place for me to be in my life right now. I don't think i'd want to live in edmonton for my entire life, but for now this is where i want to be.

I just moved back here at the beginning of September and everything has been so great. A BIG thank-you to my mom for taking the time out of her busy schedule to come up and help me get everything ready for school, she really is the best!

The first weekend I was here was filled with Welcome Week Activities and Birthday Parties.. annd then off to school I went.

Of course as for tradition I went to DQ after my first day of school (Cam and Kristin came with me) annd I think i'm really going to like this semester, I've finally learned not to schedule Any classes before 10 am because I just won't make it (it only took me 3 years to realize that) but now my schedule is just the way I like it, I'm in all the classes I want!

Since i've been back in E-town there have been a couple of eventful things to happen, but those deserve their own post at a later date!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Lion King

This Tuesday my mom, Kristin and I all went to the Lion King together! it was such a good time! before the show we went out to eat and ran a couple quick errands and then drove down to the theatre to watch the show.. seriuosly the costumes were just stunning! So much attention to detail!! I absolutely LOVE broadway shows and am so glad that my mom does too! and that she loves me enough to take me with her to them!!!!! soo Thanks mommy!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August Long

The August Long Weekend....

quite an eventful weekend for me.  When I was in elementary school I remember the older kids always getting to go on sweet sweet field trips, I remember 2 in particular, the 1st one was when they got to go to head smashed in buffalo jump, and then the big one, when you were in grade 6 you got to have a sleep over at the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller. Anyway I always looked forward to those 2 trips, and I'm not sure what happened but when I was finally old enough to go on these sweet sweet field trips they stopped doing them! So this weekend I finally did them myself! (well with Cam too)

unfortunately Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump didn't make it into our weekend, but we did manage to go to Brooks, where we got to see the Aqueducts!
This is a picture of us before we started our sweet Road Trip

 and here is the aqueduct in Brooks..... very interesting!!

Then we were off to Drumheller!!! our first stop was the GIANT dinosaur in downtown, and we even got to climb up 106 stairs inside and go to the very top!!!

Then off to the Famous Royal Tyrell Museum

and maybe my highlight of the trip was our visit to the very small church.... yup it only holds 7 people at a time... it was very tiny.

and the fun did not stop there, we then took a scenic drive up to Horse Shoe Canyon

And then we went to this sweet sweet suspension Bridge, but I didn't take any pictures so maybe when i get the pictures off of Cam's camera i'll put some up! but we ended the night with a quick visit to the HooDoos

a very successful weekend.

My First Post

ok, so I always thought that blogs were just for people to showcase their children, but I am now starting to see the usefulness of them, as an online Journal! and since i'm on the computer alot, hopefully I can keep an accurate account of my life! i'm going to call my sister Megan tonight to have her show me how to use this thing, but we'll see if I pick up on it.