Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Lion King

This Tuesday my mom, Kristin and I all went to the Lion King together! it was such a good time! before the show we went out to eat and ran a couple quick errands and then drove down to the theatre to watch the show.. seriuosly the costumes were just stunning! So much attention to detail!! I absolutely LOVE broadway shows and am so glad that my mom does too! and that she loves me enough to take me with her to them!!!!! soo Thanks mommy!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August Long

The August Long Weekend....

quite an eventful weekend for me.  When I was in elementary school I remember the older kids always getting to go on sweet sweet field trips, I remember 2 in particular, the 1st one was when they got to go to head smashed in buffalo jump, and then the big one, when you were in grade 6 you got to have a sleep over at the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller. Anyway I always looked forward to those 2 trips, and I'm not sure what happened but when I was finally old enough to go on these sweet sweet field trips they stopped doing them! So this weekend I finally did them myself! (well with Cam too)

unfortunately Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump didn't make it into our weekend, but we did manage to go to Brooks, where we got to see the Aqueducts!
This is a picture of us before we started our sweet Road Trip

 and here is the aqueduct in Brooks..... very interesting!!

Then we were off to Drumheller!!! our first stop was the GIANT dinosaur in downtown, and we even got to climb up 106 stairs inside and go to the very top!!!

Then off to the Famous Royal Tyrell Museum

and maybe my highlight of the trip was our visit to the very small church.... yup it only holds 7 people at a time... it was very tiny.

and the fun did not stop there, we then took a scenic drive up to Horse Shoe Canyon

And then we went to this sweet sweet suspension Bridge, but I didn't take any pictures so maybe when i get the pictures off of Cam's camera i'll put some up! but we ended the night with a quick visit to the HooDoos

a very successful weekend.

My First Post

ok, so I always thought that blogs were just for people to showcase their children, but I am now starting to see the usefulness of them, as an online Journal! and since i'm on the computer alot, hopefully I can keep an accurate account of my life! i'm going to call my sister Megan tonight to have her show me how to use this thing, but we'll see if I pick up on it.