Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Sarah's Wedding!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

To study... or to Blog... that is the question...


So I am absolutely BRUTAL at studying... I can't find the will to do until usually the day before, and usually by then it's to late to cover all the material. I always find it harder to study in the winter semester... all I want to do is fun Christmas stuff... Last night was my roommate Christmas... (I lost the battery to my camera, but i'll get the photo's from lisa and put them on here later) SO we started off by going to see SANTA!!!! and got a roommate Pic with a british Santa.. then we picked up our chinese food and had a candle lit dinner just the 4 of us! It was honestly such a good night, just what I needed!

After Dinner we went around and talked about our high's and Lows of the year annnd we all agreed the Bed Bug Fiasco was a HUGE low. Then we made our predictions for 2010. Which i think was more just an opportunity for us to talk about what's going on in our lives, because we (well at least I) haven't had much time to fill them in on anything.

Then the Present Exchange!!! It was so Fun! I had Lisa, and I got here some zebra slippers to match her snuggie, so leopard tights, as well as some driving gloves (note- we realize we love animal print, and that we are becoming the cougars of YSA since we're all getting so old) Lisa had Betsey, and got her a Leopard print Snuggie (see note above) Betsey had Katie, and made her this awesome journal, and got her an emo touque. annnd that means Katie had me, and got me MITTENS ON A STRING!!!! I was so happy, i've seriously wanted mittens on a string for SO long!

After Gift exchange we cleaned up, changed into our pj's and played Love Cards. (Love cards on it's own deserves a post so I won't go into it) BUT it was a pretty fun time!

Basically I really do love my roommates, and I really do consider them like sisters to me. 

Anyway I really do want to Post lots of pictures soon!! I just need a Charger..... and i'll go and steal pics from Lisa and Cam!

.... Roommate Christmas... Success