Thursday, September 30, 2010


So anyone who asks Cam and I what we've been up to, we always respond with Reno's. So I figured i'd put up some pictures of proof of what we've been doing together!

I didn't really think about taking 'before' pictures until after we were done the demolition stage, luckily the apartment right across the hall had the exact same layout (well mirrored) and same floors and cabinets and everything, so here are the pictures of that apartment:

The Bathroom:

The living room/ kitchen

The Bedroom:

Here are some of the "During Pictures" I really wish I had taken more, but these are when we've already finished ripping everything up and drywall, and paint...

I sure did learn a lot, when we started these projects I didn't even know how to change the drill bit on the drills... or that an exact-o knife was called a utility knife.... I didn't know anything about mudding and sanding... Now I can change electrical outlets all by myself, lay laminate, oh and I don't want to brag, but I am pretty fast at putting together Ikea Cabinets...

Here are the After Pictures!!!

The Bathroom:

The Bedroom:

The Kitchen:

The Living Room

So it is done, and on the market... I even think it's conditionally sold right now... So that's exciting!

Cam and I are now working on our apartment... it has ben quite interesting living in reno's, we ripped out or kitchen about 2 weeks ago, and have been without countertops or a sink for the past 2 weeks... which is brutal. But the end is near! We get countertops tomorrow, I am so sick of doing dishes in my bathroom sink.

once our apartment is completely done i'll post more pictures, once again I didn't take any before pictures, just reference these ones, they were all the same!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to School...

Cam and I are back to school!!!

The traditional first day of school pic

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Cameron and I were lucky enough to go to Jasper for the long weekend.

It was nice we got there Thursday night and spent all of Friday and Saturday in and around Jasper. We didn't go on a big hike like we wanted (it started raining, and I reallly didn't feel like hiking in the rain) so we just did nature valley walks and went and saw all of the "Must Sees" in Jasper, Here a few pics...

Cameron setting up the tent:

Me getting some firewood so we can make yummy tinfoil dinners:

Sitting by the fire:

Nature Valley walks:

Down by the Athabasca river there was this spot with literally like 200 little nook shucks things (how do you spell that anyway?)

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Life Of Jenna Jean Smith

Wow it has been forever since i've updated this.... well first off I got married!!

and I had all my nieces in the cutest dresses I've ever seen!

and my bridal party looked pretty sharp too!

I am still waiting for my official pictures from our photographer... so when I get those i'll put them asap! I am actually just so excited for them!

I don't know what else to say about my wedding, other than it was absolutely perfect for me!

After the weekend was over Cameron and I went out to invermere for a whole week just the 2 of us! We went to all the various natural hot springs, our favorite was this little natural one we found down by a river, I liked it so much better then being in like a giant hot tub with 100 other people.

We also enjoyed the various hiking trails around the area:

There is so much more that has happened since then, but I'll post about those later!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

4 more sleeps

till i'm Mrs. Smith....... weird

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

most neglected blog

It’s JUNE!!!!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s June already!
Ok so first off can I start off by saying how much I love Cameron, and how I do know that I want to marry him.

But it’s still perfectly normal to freak out once in a while right??
When we first got engaged I was fine 0 freaks outs… I mean it was just some date in the far off future… and now when I look at my calendar I have something everyday up till my wedding day.

Every time I open my day planner I just freak out and get so overwhelmed and it really doesn’t help that I’m taking spring semester and my final is on the Wednesday June 23rd, and then I get married on Friday.… I’m just a little girl, I can’t be getting married!!!!

And tons of small things keep coming up that add to me freaking out, mostly my dreams.. I’ve never been one to ever really remember my dreams, and I’ve never had nightmares (except once when I took Nyquil) anyway this week I had a straight up nightmare, the kind where you wake up and you’ve been crying and you’re all sweaty and you can’t get back to sleep…..

Anyway it just seems so real now that it’s so close, which I’m super excited about, but also nervous…. Is this normal??

This morning I woke up to a text from Cameron saying “Happy June, Have a gross chocolate and let the count down begin” and on the floor by my bed was those Christmas chocolate advent calendars… in fact it’s the one I got him at Christmas time…

When we were first started dating I told him that I always wanted to get married in the like middle of the year, basically just not to close to Christmas, just so we could have an excuse in the future to splurge on some big item for the summer time. So when we were seriously talking about getting married and looking at dates, I was happy that it was in the summer, and how awesome is it that is’ exactly 6 months away from Christmas?

Haha ok so maybe nobody else will ever think that my anniversary is sweet for that reason, but I do… and that’s all the counts.

anyway... sorry this post is kind of random... but i'm kind of random...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Good news!!!


On Wednesday Cam and I went into Ben Moss and spoke with the manager...
I gave her my sad story of not having my ring for 8 WEEKS and how I had to take my engagement photo's without it..
and how it's caused me so much stress...
I started tearing up..
I wish I could say I was faking it, but I really was that emotional over it.

She was really nice to me and asked me what I wanted her to do. I told her we were thinking about buying our wedding bands there as well, but we felt like we deserved a Discount. So we picked out our wedding bands and she offered us $100 dollars off, and no taxes... and I told her that I still didn't feel like that was good enough, as we have already been through so much. So she took off $150 off my engagement ring as well, I really do feel much better about everything now!

So on Thursday I wrote my Last exam, and got my engagement ring finally!!!! Such a good day!

Friday, April 16, 2010

I need some advice...

Ok So Cam and I got engaged at the beginning of March, He ordered my engagement ring a week before then, When he ordered they told him 2-4 weeks... he was debating waiting for the ring till he proposed... (SO glad he didn't) Anyway I was so excited/Anxious for my ring that at week 3 I made him call and see if it was here yet. They (being some random lady at Ben Moss) told us that it wasn't in yet, but we should try again in a week...

So we try again the next week, and Same thing it wasn't here it yet (it had now been the 4 weeks)... this time the lady got our information, went to go look it up informed us that it was coming.. and was expected to come in on April 10th... another 2 week away... I was a little upset, but 2 weeks wasn't that BIG of a deal.

April 10th came, and Cam and I called the store... and apparently it missed getting on that shipment, but they were getting another on on thursday and it'd FOR SURE be on that one (literally their words....) So then Yesterday Cam and I call Ben Moss again, (I was so excited to finally have my ring) and the lady informed us that it wasn't on that shipment so we asked her if she knew where it was.... and apparently they don't even know the shipping company... and every other sales lady who we talked to just lied to us... Anyway the point of the story being... they have no idea where it is... according to the last lady we talked to, custom orders always take 6-8 weeks, and has no idea why they told us 2-4 and kept saying it'd come in on the next shipment....

I'm honestly just so turned off from Ben Moss right now, I'm debating if I even want this ring anymore...

I just feel like every sales lady we talked to before now just told us that it was coming the next week just so they could get off the phone with us.

Mostly i'm just frustrated because it's been 7 weeks now.... 7 weeks of people asking to show them my ring (which I wouldn't mind if I actually had it)..... 7 weeks of me going "I don't have it, it's coming on (whatever day they told me at the time)"

So, anyway... i'm seriously considering just trying to find another ring... the problem is... I really did fall in LOVE with this one...

so here is a picture of it for everyone who asks what it looks like... sorry it's not on my finger, and we'll see if this is even the ring I end up with... (Ben Moss better give me a good deal for having to wait so long)

should I find a new ring, since i'm seriously angry with Ben Moss.... or be a pushover and still buy this one?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Feeling Kind of Stressed


So all of my classes require a lot of group projects.. which means I'm in a lot of groups. Whenever anyone from school finds out i'm getting married, they always ask how long we've been together... and when were getting married... when I tell them June, they all think June 2011... and tell me how this next year is going to be so fun planning.... Then I tell them THIS June.... And they all freak out, and tell me i'm crazy. (which maybe I am)

So between a full course load, and planning a wedding I am pretty busy... but then Cam and I decided on top of that, we were going to renovate 2 apartments for my parents, a fun project to do while your engaged we thought.

Anyway right now we just finished demolishing.... which was actually kind of fun.... I felt hardcore ripping up carpets and tearing down walls.. we even went on a fun trip to the dump.. I'm actually so upset I didn't have a camera to take a before picture.... So i'll just paint a mental picture of what the apartment looked like before.

Walk in, first thing you notice is the sick orange shag carpet.... Next thing you notice is the hanging ball light fixtures straight out of the 70's. The kitchen cabinets weren't too bad, they were still a pretty sick old brown color. The wall in between the bedroom and the living room is this sick old panelling... Seriously, i'm so sad I didn't get a picture.

Anyway so Reno's are taking up a bunch of my time... Planning the wedding is fun... still a little stressful trying to co-ordinate everything over the phone with my mom... (ps my mom is actually the greatest and helping me do everything it's so wonderful to have a mom who cares!!!) and not to mention it's the end of the semester and I have like 3 big group projects/ Presentations next week.. followed by finals...

needless to say i'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed and stressed.....

PS- I asked for a camera for my birthday so I'm really excited about that!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Engaged to be Married

Yup, I am Engaged!

sorry this post is way overdue, I was waiting for pictures, but then my camera broke so no pictures... :(

The Date has been set for June 25th.

Cameron and I will be getting married in Cardston,in the LDS Temple... I am SO EXCITED!

I feel terrible since I haven't even written our story in my journal yet, so this is going to be my journal for now!

Our Story.... the really really short version

Cameron and I met just over a year ago when he played in an EQ basketball tournament and his roommates made a sign saying "Cam makes super babies" naturally I was intrigued and that semester I started seeing him around school.(Note apparently we met once before the basketball tournament when I went to "What's In the Van Man" with his roommates, we had to drop one of their roommates (Cam) at school before we could go, and I was mad because we were going to be late... haha)

Anyway After the basketball tournament we started talking in the hallways and I thought "hey this kid is kind of cool, he'd be sweet to have as a friend" over the next 3 months Cam and I did indeed become friends, and I was getting a little nervous because I started to have a crush on him, and did not want too. We started going on dates but both decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to start dating as he was moving to kewlona for the summer and I would be in calgary. So we just kept going on dates till the summer. Finally in May we decided that we would like to see where things went, even if we did date long distance for the summer.

The summer was so much fun, we got to see eachother almost every other weekend, and talked on the phone everynight. We spent quite a bit of time with eachothers family and really got to know eachother. We were also able to go on alot of fun adventures together that summer.

Finally september came where we would be living in the same city- not going to lie I was little nervous, I knew I loved spending my weekends with him, but I wasn't sure how our relationship would handle seeing eachother everyday- but it was great!

At christmas time we were able to spend more time with eachothers family, and I left for Jamaica for 12 whole days without Cam. Those were hard.

Cameron proposed to me on March 5th 2010, at a park that overlooked the rivervalley. He got down on one knee and said some things... and I honestly don't remember anything he said, as soon as he got down on one knee all i could think was "oh my gosh... I'm so excited... I can't believe this is happening" However I do remember him asking me to marry him, I think I said yes before he even finished!!!

Over the past year Cam has really become my best friend, we really have so much fun together.

I'm so excited to be married to him and start a new adventure together!

(I am also excited to have super babies......)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010



SO one of my best friends from high-School Melissa, plays basketball in the states, I've been so lucky over the past 4 years to fly out east to watch her play! this past weekend was her Seniors night (her last home games of her University Career) so naturally I wanted to attend to show my support for her! First I'm so lucky to have such wonderful parents who would give me the Airmiles so that I could get there!!! Second- I'm so lucky I got there! I heard on the news the day before I flew out that a huge snow storm was expected to hit Newyork (where I was flying into) and that most flights were being delayed or cancelled. Everyone told me that I should make alternative plans... i'm not really sure how you do that when you've already booked your flights. Anyway I decided that I wouldn't stress out about it, and I would just go. So thursday night I took the red eye from edmonton to Toronto. When I got to Toronto it was pretty hectic, there were about 30+ at my gate trying to fly standby. Apparently the flight right before mine from Toronto to Laguardia was cancelled, and everyone was very upset that they were letting my flight leave before that one. so I sat waiting to board my flight listening to very angry people yell. but Luckily my plane was still able to leave. I guess it was the first one allowed to leave toronto that morning, and all other flights had been delayed or cancelled. I had about a half hour delay on the runway because we had to get the wings of the plane defrosted but other than that it was smooth sailing. When we were about to land in Laguardia the Captain told us that there were 3 other flights circling the airport waiting to land and we've probably be delayed (which would mean i'd miss my bus to new haven, and miss Mel's game) then not even 5 minutes later we were preparing for our final descent. When I go to Laguardia everyone there said that they had only 1 other flight land before mine, and they were canceling the rest. I have no idea how I got to be so lucky! but I am so grateful, because I had such a fun Weekend!!!!

Here are some pics of the beautiful campus of Yale, and Mel's Basketball game!

It was such a fun trip, and I'm so sad Mel is graduating in the spring and I won't be making another one out there!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I scream, You scream, we all Scream for...


For christmas, I got an Ice Cream Maker, and I've been using it almost every week!

This past weekend, we got a little crazy and tried to make S'more Icecream, My friend Erin is currently obsessed with anything S'more so we thought we'd try it out... turns out I don't like it. But it was kind of neat, we melted marshmellows and added them into the creamy part main part of the ice cream, and then when it was almost finished added some chocolate and crushed graham crackers... not bad

We also made sushi that night... it was really fun! we found tempura batter, and deep fried everything we could find... Shrimp, Crab, Asparagus, peppers, zucchini, such a delicious meal.

It's been a really good couple of weeks!
Now i just need to buckle down, write 3 midterms this week... then I have a whole week off for reading week! SO excited!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

What I've Been Up Too!

Well January has been a crazy month!
(Ps this post is very long, catching up whoever cares about my month!)

I started off the new year in Jamaica with my family... unfortunately I had lost my camera charger and don't have any pictures of my own of that trip.

Coming back to edmonton was something that I was very excited for, however on my journey to the city of champions I went into the ditch. Nothing happened aka I didn't hit anything, and I'm totally fine, just a little shook up, luckily within 2 minutes of me going into the ditch a nice RCMP officer was there to call a tow truck for me, and calm me down. He drove me the nearest town (didsbury) where I was suppose to wait 20 mins till the tow truck came.... an hour later i received a call from the Tow truck company informing me that there was now a "Tow ban" on, and they were not going to be able to get my car out of the ditch till the took it off. Long story short I ended up staying the night in Didsbury.

Anyway since i've been back in edmonton i've been having a lot of fun! I'm on a Inner Tube Water Polo Team:

and, started crafting... This one is just a canvas I painted, and added some string and beads, I use it as a bulletin board, and just have pictures and schedules and stuff under the beads...i've only finished one craft so far, but i've got like 345678 other ideas:

I also started baking a lot this month, and my friend Erin and I got these idea's off a blog called bakerella, check it out it's amazing!

Cam and I also have been doing winter things... like ice skating and snow shoeing!

anyway I have a few more pics from other fun things i've been up to that i'll post next!

ps. If you read this, can you comment? I haven't really told anyone that i started a blog, mostly because i never write, and just wondering who sees it. Also is there a way to see if your blog was viewed? I feel like their must be, because I always creep this one craft blog, and she wrote a post about how she had 106 visitors in one day, and no comments... so I want to know how she figured that out. If you know, please tell me!