Saturday, January 30, 2010

What I've Been Up Too!

Well January has been a crazy month!
(Ps this post is very long, catching up whoever cares about my month!)

I started off the new year in Jamaica with my family... unfortunately I had lost my camera charger and don't have any pictures of my own of that trip.

Coming back to edmonton was something that I was very excited for, however on my journey to the city of champions I went into the ditch. Nothing happened aka I didn't hit anything, and I'm totally fine, just a little shook up, luckily within 2 minutes of me going into the ditch a nice RCMP officer was there to call a tow truck for me, and calm me down. He drove me the nearest town (didsbury) where I was suppose to wait 20 mins till the tow truck came.... an hour later i received a call from the Tow truck company informing me that there was now a "Tow ban" on, and they were not going to be able to get my car out of the ditch till the took it off. Long story short I ended up staying the night in Didsbury.

Anyway since i've been back in edmonton i've been having a lot of fun! I'm on a Inner Tube Water Polo Team:

and, started crafting... This one is just a canvas I painted, and added some string and beads, I use it as a bulletin board, and just have pictures and schedules and stuff under the beads...i've only finished one craft so far, but i've got like 345678 other ideas:

I also started baking a lot this month, and my friend Erin and I got these idea's off a blog called bakerella, check it out it's amazing!

Cam and I also have been doing winter things... like ice skating and snow shoeing!

anyway I have a few more pics from other fun things i've been up to that i'll post next!

ps. If you read this, can you comment? I haven't really told anyone that i started a blog, mostly because i never write, and just wondering who sees it. Also is there a way to see if your blog was viewed? I feel like their must be, because I always creep this one craft blog, and she wrote a post about how she had 106 visitors in one day, and no comments... so I want to know how she figured that out. If you know, please tell me!