Monday, June 21, 2010

4 more sleeps

till i'm Mrs. Smith....... weird

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

most neglected blog

It’s JUNE!!!!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s June already!
Ok so first off can I start off by saying how much I love Cameron, and how I do know that I want to marry him.

But it’s still perfectly normal to freak out once in a while right??
When we first got engaged I was fine 0 freaks outs… I mean it was just some date in the far off future… and now when I look at my calendar I have something everyday up till my wedding day.

Every time I open my day planner I just freak out and get so overwhelmed and it really doesn’t help that I’m taking spring semester and my final is on the Wednesday June 23rd, and then I get married on Friday.… I’m just a little girl, I can’t be getting married!!!!

And tons of small things keep coming up that add to me freaking out, mostly my dreams.. I’ve never been one to ever really remember my dreams, and I’ve never had nightmares (except once when I took Nyquil) anyway this week I had a straight up nightmare, the kind where you wake up and you’ve been crying and you’re all sweaty and you can’t get back to sleep…..

Anyway it just seems so real now that it’s so close, which I’m super excited about, but also nervous…. Is this normal??

This morning I woke up to a text from Cameron saying “Happy June, Have a gross chocolate and let the count down begin” and on the floor by my bed was those Christmas chocolate advent calendars… in fact it’s the one I got him at Christmas time…

When we were first started dating I told him that I always wanted to get married in the like middle of the year, basically just not to close to Christmas, just so we could have an excuse in the future to splurge on some big item for the summer time. So when we were seriously talking about getting married and looking at dates, I was happy that it was in the summer, and how awesome is it that is’ exactly 6 months away from Christmas?

Haha ok so maybe nobody else will ever think that my anniversary is sweet for that reason, but I do… and that’s all the counts.

anyway... sorry this post is kind of random... but i'm kind of random...