Thursday, September 30, 2010


So anyone who asks Cam and I what we've been up to, we always respond with Reno's. So I figured i'd put up some pictures of proof of what we've been doing together!

I didn't really think about taking 'before' pictures until after we were done the demolition stage, luckily the apartment right across the hall had the exact same layout (well mirrored) and same floors and cabinets and everything, so here are the pictures of that apartment:

The Bathroom:

The living room/ kitchen

The Bedroom:

Here are some of the "During Pictures" I really wish I had taken more, but these are when we've already finished ripping everything up and drywall, and paint...

I sure did learn a lot, when we started these projects I didn't even know how to change the drill bit on the drills... or that an exact-o knife was called a utility knife.... I didn't know anything about mudding and sanding... Now I can change electrical outlets all by myself, lay laminate, oh and I don't want to brag, but I am pretty fast at putting together Ikea Cabinets...

Here are the After Pictures!!!

The Bathroom:

The Bedroom:

The Kitchen:

The Living Room

So it is done, and on the market... I even think it's conditionally sold right now... So that's exciting!

Cam and I are now working on our apartment... it has ben quite interesting living in reno's, we ripped out or kitchen about 2 weeks ago, and have been without countertops or a sink for the past 2 weeks... which is brutal. But the end is near! We get countertops tomorrow, I am so sick of doing dishes in my bathroom sink.

once our apartment is completely done i'll post more pictures, once again I didn't take any before pictures, just reference these ones, they were all the same!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to School...

Cam and I are back to school!!!

The traditional first day of school pic

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Cameron and I were lucky enough to go to Jasper for the long weekend.

It was nice we got there Thursday night and spent all of Friday and Saturday in and around Jasper. We didn't go on a big hike like we wanted (it started raining, and I reallly didn't feel like hiking in the rain) so we just did nature valley walks and went and saw all of the "Must Sees" in Jasper, Here a few pics...

Cameron setting up the tent:

Me getting some firewood so we can make yummy tinfoil dinners:

Sitting by the fire:

Nature Valley walks:

Down by the Athabasca river there was this spot with literally like 200 little nook shucks things (how do you spell that anyway?)