Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cam has a Birthday

To celebrate Cam's Birthday we went out for a very classy dinner at IKEA for 99 cent meatballs! It was delicious

After IKEA we went and got our Curl on, Cam's sisters brought their kids, I think they really liked watching

After curling we went back to Diane's and had birthday cake. It was a good day. His actual birthday wasn't quite as eventful as we just went to church, and had dinner, but he finally got to open his presents!

Cam is now 25, which is getting pretty old for us here in Canada, but luckily for us he is still considered a youth in Europe! and we can get discounts for when we travel there this spring! That's right Cam and I are going to backpack Europe for 3 weeks this spring, so if anyone has any "Must See" places we're open for suggestions!