Tuesday, May 10, 2011

so far in Europe

We made it!!!

We left Calgary in snowy weather and arrived in Amsterdam. We spent our first 2 days in Amsterdam, where they were celebrating their national holiday, Queens Day. It was insane, people we drinking at 9am in the morning, and there were people everywhere. It reminded me of the red mile back when the flames went on their stanley cup run, but not just on one street...on all the streets of Amsterdam.

After Amsterdam we went to Brussels, got on a wrong train, got kicked off a train, but finally made it there. We we were fortunate enough to be able to stay with some friends of Cam's sister. They were very hospitable and we had a great time with them and in Brussels!

After Brussels we set off to Paris, we only spent 3 days in Paris and it was very rushed, my feet were killing me every night and I got the biggest blisters in the world. for one of our days in Paris we went out to Versailles, that place is Amazing! it was so fun to see and to walk around the Gardens to go to the Grand Trianon, and Mary's Antoinette hamlet, unfortunately our camera got stolen somewhere inbetween the gates leaving Versailles to the train station. Luckily I had uploaded my pictures the night before so we still had them! so we still had our pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower!

After Paris we took the night train to Rome! we shared our compartment thing with the French man who snored so loud, I did not get any sleep that night! Cam on the other hand slept surprisingly well.

Rome was very historical it was really interesting to see the buildings they built over 2000 years ago still intact.

When we entered into the Colosseum there was another couple beside us, speaking English we overheard the one girl say that 'This isn't that impressive' and continued to say how she didn't see the big deal about the Colosseum. Cam and I just laughed as we were in awe.

We hit all the big sites in Rome, and then headed down to Sorrento, where we currently are. It's been a nice break from the big tourist attractions down here. Tomorrow we're headed up to Florence!