Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Farewell Shuswap

So my family has a cabin on the Shuswap Lake, I've been going out there every summer for my entire life. My mom and my Grandpa built this cabin when she was teenager, so it's a special place. As our my family has grown the cabin has not, and my parents decided it was time to move on from the Shuswap, so they purchased a new cabin on Lake Wasa in BC. I am so excited for this new cabin for so many reasons! Our cabin on Shuswap is boat access only, and built on the side of a mountain, so every time we get there we have to unload all our stuff including groceries up all these stairs. I also won't miss having to be putting the boat out in pouring rain because a storm suddenly blew in. However there are still a lot of things I will miss.

The Cabin

(I really like Cam's face in the above photo...)

(My Mom's last night at the cabin)

(My two super cute nephews)

(My nieces going on an awesome tube ride)

(Me doing a chick fall)

Good bye cabin, i'll sure miss this view!