Thursday, January 5, 2012

FHE- Gingerbread houses

Can I just say that I love the people in Edmonton! They really make living here worth it. Cam and I have been so lucky to make such good friends up here- we really have so much fun. In December we got together with some friends and made some gingerbread houses!

Just getting started

Kenzie & Braden

McKenzie & Ben

Our Gingerbread "Club"house- Cam Decided to make a putting green beside our house, so we turned it into a clubhouse, complete with a tee box

and a patio in the back!

Chocolate making

This year me and my sister in law Suzanne went over to my Grandma Bennions to learn how to make chocolates!

We both learnt a lot and had tons of fun with Grandma!

We got lots of chocolates too :)