Saturday, April 12, 2014

Jackson playing ball

So Jackson loooves basketball... absolutely LOVES it! For christmas her got a little net from his Aunt Diane to go in the tub and he would play with it for literally an hour. we eventually started moving that net into the living room because all he wanted to do was be in the bathroom shooting hoops on it.  When he started trying to use a full sized basketball on the net we knew it was time to buy him a bigger net.

He will spend hours with this net, he loves shooting anything through it- binkys, socks, any toy he finds on the ground he'll shoot through the net and then cheer for himself after!

Everyone better watch out  I think Jackson is going to be a professional Horse player, he's already doing trick shots!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Conference, Cleaning & Cleansing

Well this weekend was General Conference.... and it was wonderful! I'm not going to lie, I don't think I got as much out of it as I would've liked to, but isn't that how everyone feels? Especially with Jackson demanding my attention. I can't wait for the conference Ensign to come in the mail, I love reading the talks and being able to see them in print.

Anyway conference weekend was wonderful. Cam's parents we're in town so Jackson got to play with them. He loves anyone who will give him extra attention, and grandparents are always good for that!

I've made my list for spring cleaning... it's a little bit daunting to be honest. But i'm trying to do one thing a day and hopefully I can get this house de-cluttered and ready for summer!

annd finally with the cleaning of the house I realized that my body could use some cleaning out too. I noticed this after I ate an entire bag of mini eggs that I bought for Easter. My body craves sugar like crazy... I literally can not go a day without junk food. Which is why yesterday I started a cleanse!!! No sugar no junk food for 2 weeks. I know that seems minimal but right now it feels like it's forever away.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Year... or Two in Review!

Well, Seeing as my last post was exactly 2 years ago, I think it's time I start catching up!

I've really been meaning to update my blog ever since moving so far away from family. It's nice to have a place to post a million photos of Jackson and brag about what a good baby he is without worrying that my friends on Facebook will judge me.

So here it is.... Two years in review...

May 2012- Cam and I went on a Cruise with our good friends the Leonards, we had so much fun with them and on our trip.

June 2012-  We spent out at my parents new cabin in Wasa BC renovating... I think??

July- 2012 I started working at Phoenix Tech in Calgary and we had all of Cam's family out to Wasa to play with us (minus his younger brother whose on a mission)

August- December 2012- Not a whole lot happened, I was pregnant with Jackson and Cam and I were both working in Calgary, pretty uneventful!

Now onto 2013!!!!

January 2013- Still pregnant, I was due Feb 1st so I went on mat leave at the end of this month

February 2013-  Like I said Jackson was due on the first...but didn't make an appearance till the 10th! 

(Our first family photo!!! I had an emergency c-section, but we are so happy to have a healthy baby BOY- He was a surprise!)

March 2013- Well once Jackson was in our lives it seems like time just gets put on fast forward!!!! Everything has gone by so fast! Cam applied to Law school before Christmas in 2012 and we were just starting to hear back from Canadian schools whether he was accepted or not. All the American schools he applied to got back to him right away, but we were really holding out for a Canadian school. I think it was in March when we found out he was accepted into the U of S and wait-listed at U of C.  Also in March was Easter! We spent Easter out at Wasa last year and had so much fun with our family. 

April 2013- I turned a quarter of a century old..... pretty big deal! 

May 2013- July 2013- I spent a lot of time at Wasa and Cam spent a lot of time at work...  Cam came out to Wasa on weekends and we had so much fun!

(We invited some of Cam's old roommates and their spouses to spend a weekend with us at Wasa- it was super fun!)

 August 2013- Cam had was still wait-listed at U of C which was super frustrating because we didn't know whether or not we were moving to Saskatoon for September and september was coming fast! Around mid august we found out he didn't get accepted into U of C and made arrangements to move to Saskatoon.  We also went on a super fun trip to Toronto/Niagara Falls/ Palmyra / Buffalo with our good friends the Molcaks. 
(Niagara falls at night)

(First MLB game for all 3 of us! go Blue Jay's!)

(Maid of the Mist)

(In the Sacred Grove)

( First NFL game for all three of us- it was pre-season... and it was the Bills so we're not really sure if it counts....)

September 2013- We moved to Saskatoon.... and how exciting, we bought our house!!! Officially home owners! I have pictures of our house too, but i'm planning on doing a before/after thing... since i've changed so much of it! Cam started school and is loving it. Cam's older brother and his wife and 6 kids live here in Saskatoon and we're so grateful to be close to family! We have so much fun with them... I honestly don't know what we'd do here without them!

(First day of school picture- Cam with his nieces and nephew)

October 2013- Cam was a busy student, and I was a busy mom! Jackson became a speed crawler and could pull himself up on furniture!  We dressed him up like a little sock monkey for Halloween! 

November 2013- Jackson just keeps getting cuter and cuter, I did not think that was possible! We were also able to travel back to Alberta to attend our friends David and Priscila's wedding. It was so beautiful and we were so happy to be there with them!

December 2013-  Cam finished up the semester and we headed back to Alberta to spend time with family. Jackson got his ear tag removed.... which was actually kind of emotional for me. I still look at his right ear and miss it sometimes (is that weird?). December was also Jackson's first Christmas! It was so fun to have a baby at Christmas, but sadly he didn't get to be baby Jesus in the nativity as both my sister in law and sister had babies after me in 2013. So Jackson got to be the cutest sheep in the nativity! ALSO in December, (super busy month) my cousin Katie got married and my Aunt and Uncle and cousins from the States came up and we got to spend time with them and go to Banff/Lake Louise, it was so fun!

(The Skin tag before it was removed...)

(The operation)

(Christmas morning)

(In Lake Louise)

(Cutest baby there...)

(Loves his Auntie Kristin)

(Fell asleep on our hike the Johnston Canyon.... what a baby)

January 2014- We're back in Saskatoon and I swear it was the coldest month of my life.... I'm not joking when I say I don't think there was a day warmer than -25C that month.... it was FREEZING!!!! Jackson got croup and we had to go into the clinic everyday so he could get some steroids through the nebulizer to help him. It was so sad having a sick baby.  Jackson is such a goof and makes silly faces when I bring my phone out to take pictures now. He also LOVES balls.... like LOVES them, you will not see Jackson without a ball or a Binky... usually both and usually two of both!

February 2014- Jackson turns 1!!!! Very exciting... it was also Cam's birthday in Feb. and reading week so we got to go home to Alberta to visit family. (we love going home!) Jackson started taking his first steps right before his birthday, he started just taking 3 or 4 and walking back an forth between Cam and me. Over reading week he got pretty good (taking 10+ steps but would still crawl a lot) when we got back to Saskatoon he gave up on crawling and is a full on walker... or toddler... whatever!

(The three 2013 babies.... they're going to be the best of friends!)

(Jackson with Great Grandma Knight)

(Jackson and his BFF Parker)

March 2014- was a great month- we love living in Saskatoon (even if it is realllly cold here) we've met some awesome people. We love our ward, I serve in the Primary presidency and this month we had our Primary Party, which was a lot of fun. I also had the opportunity to serve on a committee for the Relief Society service project... so it was a busy month! 

So there you have it folks.... a Year or 2 in Review!!!! I missed so many things looking back, but it really was a lot to catch up on. 

Hopefully my next update won't be such a enormous task, maybe i'll try to make this more of a weekly thing instead of a bi-annual.