Monday, May 26, 2014

Road tripping USA

We were so lucky after Cam finished up his exams we got to go on such a fun family vacation! we flew into Vegas and spent the next day their exploring the strip and seeing all the resorts. It was fun seeing all the resorts, Jackson wasn't doing so well that day. He actually ended up throwing up on our way back to the car to head to St George. Once we got to my Grandparents in St George Jackson was just a grouch. I felt bad that they didn't get to see my happy giggly boy. We spent the next 2 days in St George.  My cousin and her husband drove down from provo to play with us their and we loved seeing them! One of the days in St George we drove to Zion's and hiked up Angels landing.  

After St George we headed to Page AZ to check out Antelope Canyon... so cool!!! We loved it, then we headed to the Grand Canyon.

This trip was so much fun... travelling with Jackson was interesting... he was really thrown out of his element and wasn't the best sleeper on this trip. needless to say Cam and I were both super tired after this trip. I think the next time Cam and I go somewhere we'll leave Jackson behind!

and now for picture overload... Enjoy :) 

(Bellagio Fountains)

(St George Temple)

(Hiking in Zion)

(Still Zion)

(Zion again...)

(Road trippin)

(exploring antelope canyon)

(Antelope canyon)

(The colorado river in Page AZ)

(Grand Canyon)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Checking some things off our list....

Soo just over a 2 years ago i wrote a blog post with the start of mine and Cam's bucket list (see here ) .. I was just looking back at it, and I'm happy to report that we're making progress... 4 things off the list!

#17 (Go on a Church history tour) and #22 (see Niagara falls) we accomplished on our last family vacation ins August 2013

 (Peter Whitmer Farm)

(The Sacred Grove)

(Niagara Falls)

We were also able to accomplish #14 (Go to Las Vegas) and #20 (See the Grand Canyon) this past month!

I'll write a more in depth trip recap later... it's one I definitely want to remember. We had so much fun and learnt so much about travelling with a baby!!!