Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Grey Douglas- Birth Story part 2

So on July 14th 2015 Cam and I decided to go ahead and book a C-section. When I called my Dr's office to make the appt. they told me I could just do it at the hospital the next day and to just not eat or drink anything after dinner and to go to Labor & Delivery first thing in the morning.

So July 15th 2015 Cam and I dropped off Jackson at my brothers house and headed to the rocky view hospital. we assumed that my Dr's office had told them that we were coming, but when we showed up at Labor & Deliver and told them I was there for a C-Section they weren't expecting me.  Luckily it was the quietest day & they had no scheduled C sections so they said they could take me in right away to deliver this baby! It was pretty fun waiting in triage while they monitored the baby & gave me an IV, We felt like a celebrity couple as there were so many people there waiting on us hand and foot since it was such a quiet day. It also helped that all the residents had just started their residencies that week, and were super eager to have patient! 

After they determined everything was a go ahead they took me to the OR. Cam had to go get dressed up in his gown & mask and met me in there. All the Dr's and their residents explained what was going to happen and it was a very calm and peaceful environment. Very different from when I was being rushed to the OR for my emergency c-section with Jackson.  The nurse that was assigned to us from the beginning was amazing. Cam doesn't do so well around blood so she was really helpful for both of us!

When they were getting ready for the surgery I made one request to have Cam announce the gender of the baby since it was a surprise for us. So after they put up the curtain so Cam & I couldn't see exactly what they were doing,  To get the baby out takes about 5 minutes, so they started the surgery and I felt a lot of pressure on my chest. Apparently one resident had to literally put all her weight on my abdomen to get the baby out. The Dr also still had to use forceps as Grey's head was so big and they're only able to make the incision so wide. (Yup that kid's head was huge.. waay off the charts) After he came out our nurse told Cam it was ok to look and he could tell me if we had a son or daughter. Cam quickly glanced over and said "Yup that's a boy!" (I had a feeling the whole pregnancy that I was having  a boy).  Our nurse then went over to help clean him up & weigh him. 9lbs 7oz! They then put grey right next to me and Cam and I got to meet our new son!

It was nice having the all those resident there and having them not be rushed as the Dr was explaining what she was doing the whole time and really took her time closing me up. She did this closing stitch that's not super common as it more time consuming but it's literally left me with the tiniest of scars! She even cut out the old scar tissue for me! With Jackson it was a busier night and they were in a hurry so instead of sutures I got 10 staples. (that made for an awful recovery)

In the recovery room I was able to nurse Grey & that little boy latched on like a champ. I guess since i have to have c-sections the Lord blesses me with babies that can nurse. 

My mom was waiting right outside the recovery room and as soon as my waiting time was over she came in to meet our little boy!

We went up to our room for the next 2 days, which just happened to be the exact same room I was in with Jackson! So Grey & Jackson were born in the same OR and then spent the first 2 days of their life in the exact same room in the hospital! (cool huh).

It took us all morning to decide on a name. We had narrowed our boys name down to Grey Douglas or Arthur Murray. We obviously decided to go with Grey and Douglas is after my Grandpa Bennion.

After a few hours my parents brought Jackson to come see his new baby brother. I had boughten Jackson a present from his new sibling so when he came to the hospital he sat on the bed and looked at Grey but didn't really care to much about him. We took a few pictures as a new family of 4. Then I had Jackson open his present from his baby brother. Grey had given him a Rebel truck & figurine (from paw patrol) Jackson loooved it! he hopped off the bed and played with the Rebel truck for hours on the floor by my bed while the rest of us adored baby Grey!   

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